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Another day and another article about how people in this country supposedly hate cars..


The Detroit News posted the following article today:…

This is all bullshit! All of the "experts" here are complete assholes. The fact is that gas, back in 2007, was still three-times less per gallon (an average) than what it is now. Nobody, especially kids with little to no income, can afford to go anywhere. This is a FACT!


Back in 2007, I drive from Detroit to California and back with my wife and daughter. It cost me less than $500 in gas for the whole trip. Fast-forward to today. My income is about the same as it was back then, but the average cost of gas has jumped roughly four-times that of what it was back in 2007. This same trip today would cost me roughly $2000 in gas alone! My whole trip, back in 2007, did not even cost me $2000.00 total!

The "experts" just need to do the fucking math...

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